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The Fearless Revolution TM is a movement of fearless Christians solving the world’s problems.

If you are ready to walk in the full power, dominion and authority that has been passed to you from Jesus Christ, then you are ready to be a part of The Revolution.

You KNOW God has not given you a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)…

Yet 98% of the Body of Christ is still struggling deeply with fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of financial lack. Fear of trusting people. Fear of increased responsibility. Fear of rejection. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not knowing enough. Fear of what others may say. Fear of past decisions being found out. Fear of being alone. Fear of getting hurt…and the list goes on and on…

No matter what fears you are silently dealing with, it is time for you to be FREE from all Fear.

Fear is something so you may have been living with for so long that you can often fail to realize that you are dealing with fear.

Fear shows up in many different ways. If you are experiencing ANY of the following, you are experiencing fear:

Night mares
…and many more…


   If you are like most people, you may think you have heard everything there is to know about fear. But, as the scripture promises, their are mysteries of God that He is still releasing. God is a revealer of secrets.Every Christian carries in their co-inheritance with Christ (Romans 8:17), but most have not been taught how to enter into fearlessness and beyond to radical faith.Due to a lack of understanding of how to get rid of fear in the Body of Christ, perhaps you have adopted the secular falsehoods that have been taught on fear for decades.

Fear is NOT False Evidence Appearing Real.
Fear is NOT imagined and cannot be overcome with positive thinking.
Fear is NOT the opposite of faith.
Fear does NOT go away when you courageously take action in spite of it.
Fear does NOT go away permanently when you quote memorized scriptures.
Fear is NOT something you have to live with.
Fear is NOT a negative emotion. 

A Note From The Fearless Revolution Founder, Ericka D. Jackson:

Dear Friend, 

I grew up living in total fear most of the days of my childhood. Although I felt safe at home, it seemed like the moment I stepped outside the front door, I was inundated with fear. From having to cross a busy street in the middle of a hill to walk to school to attempting to get through each of my days without being teased and physically attacked by my peers, fear is something I have had to have a very deep understanding to overcome.

While most kids looked forward to recess, I dreaded it. Recess, for me, meant being the target of a game the boys used to play that involved which one of them could kick me in the back side the hardest. I could not even walk down the sidewalk with friends without one of these cruel boys kicking me as they ran by.

I also remember dreading the walk home. On most days it would involve dodging the rocks and sticks the boys would often throw at me.

With the help of the Lord, He taught me how to channel my fear into sports and student leadership.

As I look back on my childhood, I am so grateful for my daily challenges in overcoming the fear that terrified me everyday. No matter what you have had to overcome in your life, there is a way to become 100% fearless. 

Years later, as I was asking the Lord how to help others overcome their fear, I heard these words,” I have placed the answers to all of the world’s problems in My children, but their fear is stopping them from being obedient.”

He then began pouring out revelation about fear that I had never heard before. I had journals full of inspirational poems that helped me move forward in spite of my fear, but I had never heard how to completely completely live without it.

That day I made a promise to share these teachings with those who are ready to move forward with fearlessness and live out their destiny. Over the next eight years the Lord continued to pour forth new and fresh revelation of fearlessness and for the first time in all of these years, the Lord has instructed me to combine ALL of these teachings in a way that you can easily access these revelations and live in them for the rest of your life.

I am looking forward to being on this journey of fearlessness with you!

From My Heart To Yours,

It is time to move into the Truth about fear. 

When I asked the Lord why Christians have such a difficult time admitting their fear, He said, “Most of My children are scared to be fearless.”  This MUST end!It is time to walk in the fullness of your purpose and calling with absolutely NO fear. No holding back. No hesitation. No playing small or watering down the vision so others are comfortable.Walking in fearlessness frees others to walk in theirs. It gives them permission to be release their greatness and shine in the world. 

Are you ready to walk into the destiny for which the Lord created you?

Then you are ready to walk in all FIVE levels of fearlessness.

The Lord revealed even more to Ericka when He whispered in her ear, “There are five levels of fear.” Then, after waiting for an entire day to receive the five levels, He poured out all five levels of fearlessness in which He created us to walk. Then, He said to me, “Yet most of my children have not even mastered the first level.

The FIVE Levels are:Level 1 - Mental Fearlessness.  When you master this level of fearlessness, you have brought your thoughts into full captivity and submission and no longer deal with “negative self-talk” that all-too-often talks you out of boldly taking action to move forward.

Level 2Spiritual Fearlessness. When you master this level of fearlessness, there is no more spirit of fear left in your spirit.

Level 3 – Experiential Fearlessness. At this level of fearlessness, you begin to manifest powerfully because you have overcome mental and spiritual fear. Your career, business or ministry is thriving, growing and expanding because you have mastered expressing your fearlessness in the world boldly and powerfully.

Level 4 – Fearlessness in Provision. When you master this level of fearlessness, you no longer worry or stress out about money, resources or finances. At this level, you are able to “pull down” supernatural resources from the Kingdom of Heaven into your hands and all that you touch seems to come forth with ease because you know that no matter what things look like, God is the source of your provision. 

Level 5 – Kingdom Fearlessness. This is the level of fearlessness where you are walking in full dominion, power and authority through Jesus, the Christ. You are fully aware of the fact that you sit at His right hand in Heavenly places right here and now upon the earth. You are walking with the heart, power and light of Jesus and darkness can no longer come near you. You are able to shift the environment everywhere you go by being a vessel for the Kingdom of God to manifest.And ALL of this is possible in your life.

Not only is it possible, it is expected of Christians so you can take your rightful place and position in His Kingdom. No matter what circumstances, your background or what you are dealing with or challenges you have to overcome, fearlessness is attainable.

Where Do You Begin?

Before you can step into the fullness of our callings and solve the world’s problems, we have to first move through all five levels of fearlessness. The Lord revealed to Ericka the SIX revelations that are required in order to achieve all FIVE levels.

Fear is the first thing you must utterly destroy in your life in order to reach the promises and power of God’s Kingdom in every area of your life.

How do you get started?You get started by walking through the process of your own personal fearless revolution. You do this by investing in your very own Fearless Revolution Power Pack 2.0.This newly revised power pack is the only place you can get all of these new teachings on fearlessness in one place at one time. These teachings will close any gaps to you fully understanding fear and then walking in it for the rest of your life.The Fearless Revolution Power Pack 2.0 reveals six new revelations on fear and fearlessness that move you through the five levels of fearlessness into a whole, new Kingdom reality. This Power Pack will change the landscape of your entire life in an invigorating way! It is unlike anything you have ever heard around fear before. 
 You would not procrastinate anymore.

Your life will be organized and uncluttered.

You will be able to easily make decisions that move your forward.

You will be able to remain focused and effective.

  Everything you touch will prosper.

You will easily attract positive, loving and inspiring people.

Expand the territory of your career, ministry or business by connecting with new clients and organizations.

  You will be clear about the specific steps to take to create the love you desire

. Be used more powerfully as a vessel for signs, wonders and miracles of Jesus.

Dismiss Satan from ever accessing any area of your life.

Harness and appropriate the power of the open Heaven all around you.

Be an embodiment of fearlessness for all with whom you come in contact.

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything there was on fear, the Lord has released six NEW and FRESH revelations that uncover the truth about removing fear forever.

This Power Pack teaching the Truth about fear in a succession of six revelations the Lord shared with Ericka from the throne of God that will take you deeper and deeper into fearlessness and then into radical faith.In this six ground-breaking revelations, Ericka shares:

Revelation #1 – The Truth About Fear (The Lord definition of Fear and not the world’s)
Revelation #2 – The Purpose of Fear
Revelation #3 – Removing the Veil
Revelation #4 – Jesus is the Light (This is not what you may think…)

Revelation #5 – Taking Back Your Power

Revelation # 6 – No More Gates
Your Fear is costing you WAYYYYY too much.

- It is costing you your peace of mind.
- It is costing you loving relationships.
- It is costing you your good health.
- It is costing you money in unearned and unrealized income.
- It is costing those who need to hear the message the Lord  has placed within you.
- It is costing you clients.
- It is costing you time.
- It is costing you friendships that truly celebrate, honor and appreciate you.




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You really can’t afford to remain in fear any longer. 

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The Fearless Revolution Power Pack Includes:

21 – Day E-Course – This course prepares you to be fearless is there is no fear about becoming fearless.
The Fearless Revolution Binder – a self-contained binder that holds all of the components of your Power Pack in one easy-to-access place.

4 CD’s that include the first 3 revelations: The 1st Revelation – Freedom From Fear CD
The 2nd Revelation – Fear No More: The Purpose of Fear CD
The 3rd Revelation – Removing the Veil CD
Special BONUS – Being Fearless For Your Provision CD

4 DVD’s The 4th Revelation: Jesus is the Light DVD
The 5th Revelation: Taking Back Your Power DVD
The 6th Revelation: No More Gates DVD
Special BONUS – Your Heart is the Key DVD

The Fearless Living Challenge Paperback Book

Declaration of Fearlessness Daily Fearless Prayer

Your Fearless Revolution Journal

“Today I am Fearless” wrist band  And there is STILL more!!! Order within the next 24 hours and I will also include a copy of my brand new ebook, Freedom From Fear: The Secret to Living Fearlessly and a BONUS MP3 teaching, Living Fearlessly For God (immediate download).


About Ericka

When the Lord chooses a vessel through which to bring a message, He has to test their heart, soul and spirit to ensure that they are ready to carry His message. Ericka is no exception. Growing up experiencing so much fear that it felt more like terror on a daily basis, she had to cry out to the Lord to help her release her fear. In the process, the Lord brought her new revelations on fear so others can experience the freedom from fear  in which she walks today.

Her more then 20 years of experience in guiding people fearlessly into living the greatness of their destiny in the Lord. Her anointing as a speaker, talent and humor as a natural entertainer converge to create life-changing experiences for her audiences. She is a catalyst for action that leaves audiences and congregations transformed.

Ms. Jackson believes the best adventure of all is to live fully in purpose for Jesus. God has released her gifts of hearing His voice, teaching, prophecy, deliverance and healing for such a time as this. Through obedience and complete surrender, Ericka shares precious new revelation and lessons of God’s Kingdom.Her testimony is one of overcoming, forgiveness, fearlessness, radical faith and the unyielding pursuit of the Word and revelation of God. Through obedience and complete surrender, Ericka shares fresh revelation of God’s Kingdom across the nations.

She is the author of numerous CDs, podcasts, articles, trainings, teaching tools and five books including The Power of Vision, The Fearless Living Challenge, Self-Coaching, When God Calls and her most recent work, Beyond Fearless: How to Remove Every Hindrance From Your Life. She is the founder of The Kingdom Minister’s Training Institute, where she equips Christian Leaders to grow thriving ministries and businesses as pure vessels for the heart and works of Jesus upon the earth. Visit to learn more about her life’s work.